Bring your change to the world!

Tell your story effectively with a distinctive brand and engaging website

Get clear on your niche and your brand difference

Make your message meaningful and compelling

Have a distinctive brand and website you feel proud of

It can feel totally daunting to create a new website that engages your clients

women feeling overwhelmed at desk

There’s so much to think about, from the content and colours to the layout and flow of each page.

It’s no wonder that so many business owners give up on the whole process. Or delay starting on their website update time and again.

If you’ve stopped sending clients to your website because it’s out of date or you feel embarrassed by it, we’re here to help you.

We've made it easier to get your brand message across, and feel proud of your website

With you in mind we created our powerful branded website packages

We work with ethical business owners who are purpose-driven, values-based and strive to make the world a better place – because that’s our aim too.

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Now you can have a branded website that engages your audience and makes your messaging clear. So you’ll have a firm foundation for effectively marketing your business.

Over the last 10 years we’ve helped coaches, consultants, creatives, therapists and more, to make their mark, by bringing our unique blend of strategic, creative and practical skills to help your brand create an impact and make a difference.

With our backgrounds in brand strategy, marketing, colour, graphics and website design you’ll get the benefit of in depth agency expertise plus a collaborative way of working.

Reinvent and relaunch your brand and website

And get ready to make your mark with inspired branding and a stand-out website...

Our branding and website package is designed to boost your brand and make your brand messaging meaningful and human.
It delivers exceptional value, in alignment with your business vision and values. We believe in providing exceptional value for your investment.

What you get

Branding and website that will look great and last for years to come

Superb clarity, lots of confidence and the conviction to grow your business faster

Clear communication of the value you provide clients, crafted in your brand voice

The essential foundation to market your business and springboard to achieve your vision

A values-based brand framework that makes your marketing decision-making easier and saves you time and effort

The opportunity to choose green hosting along with ongoing website support

What's included

Clients tell us they enjoy our collaborative and inclusive approach, which puts you and your brand at the centre of our work.

Step 1. Start your project with strategic thinking

Unlock the essence of your brand

We’ll help you uncover what makes your brand human, distinctive and meaningfully different.

From your purpose, values and personality to brand messaging that clarifies the compelling reasons your clients will buy.

Step 2. Create your distinctive brand identity

Express your brand personality

You’ll have your brand colours and logo along with your font family and style of imagery.

We’ll help create your brand aesthetic and tone of voice, so that your brand is memorable and makes an impact with your target clients.

Step 3. Go live with your beautiful website

Feel proud of your brand

Communicate your value and values clearly and confidently online, in your own distinctive style.

You’ll attract and engage your clients and sell your products and services effectively, whilst staying true to your authentic brand.

You also get:

A framework that helps you craft your copy in your brand voice and communicate clearly the results clients get from working with you. In our experience, this guide to drafting copy will help you overcome the biggest stumbling block to getting your website online. And will save you time and energy in communicating your value.

Your investment:

from £3900 
or 12 x monthly instalments of £360 (Ask us if you’d prefer a shorter payment plan)

If you're not quite ready to start

We understand that one of the hardest things to do is work on your own website and brand communications, even when you‘re an expert. This is why we’ve introduced two additional options that help you assess where you are now and identify your next steps.

Branding & Website Consultation

This can part of a personalised package, added after your rebrand or be part of an ongoing retainer

women with ipad and notepad at home desk

When you want some laser focus or help with a specific problem, this consultation will help you get back on track.

Or you may need some ongoing support after you’ve launched your new branding and website.

We create consultations around your needs and can help you either ad hoc or on a more regular basis. 

It’s your easy, flexible way to create consistent, aligned brand campaigns and ongoing communications.

Clients typically ask us to help with things like new marketing collateral, website maintenance, adding more functionality to the website, email marketing and to support them with social media images and ideas.

Brand & Website Audit

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If you feel uncertain about what you need, why not start with an audit of the brand messaging and design impact of your all-important ‘Home’ and ‘Work With Me’ website pages.

When you choose an audit, you’ll get a video recording with feedback on these 3 key areas:


If you go on to buy one of our Branded Website packages – we’ll deduct £360 from your package fees.

Take a look at some of our work

Care Concern

“Lynne took our feedback on board throughout the process, developing the branding and logo design through various stages until we reached the final artwork. Karen then translated our ideas into a tangible design and layout that is fresh, clear, and user friendly.”

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of launching your new website

Let us make it easier for you to communicate your message, develop your unforgettable brand and feel proud of your wonderful website

women working at desk

If you’re an ethical, purposeful, values-based coach, consultant, solopreneur or small business owner, who wants to make changes, we’re here to help you make your mark.

We’ve been helping clients for over 10 years to create brands that make a difference through our unique blend of strategic, creative and practical skills.

With our backgrounds in brand strategy, marketing, colour, graphics and website design you get a collaborative way of working plus the benefits of in-depth agency expertise.

It’s easy to get started.

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Let's arrange a chat, so that you can decide we're a good fit with your aims and approach.

Step 2. Clarify your project

Once we've understood your needs, we'll confirm your deliverables, timings and payment plan options.

Step 3. Grow your business

You'll have a springboard for growth with distinctive branding, compelling messaging and a gorgeous website you feel proud of.

A few of the questions we get asked (FAQS)

These are the top four questions - and you can check out the others by clicking through to the full page of FAQs

We include a framework to guide the flow and narrative of the copy on your Home, About and Work With Me key pages. We put the emphasis on clarity of message and your distinctive brand voice.

We provide this guidance because we’ve learnt that creating copy is often the major stumbling block to getting your new website online.

However, you’re very welcome to use your own copy or work with your favourite copywriter or we can suggest some.

We’re happy to work with your current logo. We’ll need the details of your colour palette and fonts to help create your brand style.

Sometimes clients discover their logo doesn’t fit their brand any more, as a result of clarifying their brand values, personality and tone of voice. So when this happens we can help by adjusting the logo or with a complete refresh.

The process is part collaborative and part done for you. This means that you may need to allow time to process and iterate the work. Our general guideline is to allow 8-12 weeks based on experience.

SEO is a complex process and it does not mean you will suddenly show up on page 1 for certain search criteria, especially if there is a lot of competition for those search terms. SEO takes time and involves a lot of variables such as keywords, content, how many people visit your site, how long they stay and more.

We include fundamental SEO which includes using WordPress which is SEO friendly, a clean theme, good hosting, optimise images, and use headings correctly. We can then give you advice on what you can do to improve it. We can add SEO titles and descriptions for search that you provide (may be additional fees for this work). For deeper SEO optimisation and link building we can refer you to an SEO specialist who can help improve your search results and where you show up.

Together, let's bring your change to the world!

Nail your niche with clear brand messaging, attractive brand identity and an engaging website that expresses your brand personality.

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