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Bring your change to the world with your meaningful brand and website

Attract and engage the people you're here to serve

Make an impact and feel proud of your distinctive branding

Sell your services effectively on your gorgeous website

You’re a business owner who wants to make a difference

Yet feel your branding and website is holding you back

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Is this how you feel about marketing your business right now?

It’s time to update your website and branding, yet you don’t know where to start or what to do first. There’s so much to think about, from the logo, colours and content to the layout and flow of every page. It’s no wonder that so many business owners like you, simply give up on the whole process, because it can feel totally daunting to create a new website that engages your clients.

We understand how it feels to be stuck with a brand and website that looks out of date and unloved.

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This is why we've created a simple process that makes it easier for you to rebrand (or brand) your business with ease, inspiration and joy.

When you work with us, you’ll have:

How we work with you

Clients tell us they enjoy our collaborative and inclusive approach, which puts you and your brand at the centre of our work.

Step 1. Start your project with strategic brand thinking

Unlock the essence of your brand

We’ll help you uncover what makes your brand human, distinctive and meaningfully different.

From your purpose, values and personality to brand messaging that clarifies the compelling reasons your clients will buy.

Step 2. Create your distinctive brand identity

Express your brand personality

You’ll have your brand colours and logo along with your font family and style of imagery.

We’ll help create your brand aesthetic and tone of voice, so that your brand is memorable and makes an impact with your target clients.

Step 3. Go live with your beautiful website

Feel proud of your brand

Communicate your value and values clearly and confidently online, in your own distinctive style.

You’ll attract and engage your clients and sell your products and services effectively, whilst staying true to your authentic brand.

BigFizz is a cohesive collaboration that ensures your rebranding or branding project is easy to manage, and you get effective results

We’re Lynne Stainthorpe of Big Idea and Karen Black of HubFizz and we combine our skills in branding and website design to help ethical business owners make an impact.

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We’ve worked together since 2012 with the determination to help purpose-driven, values-based coaches, consultants, therapists and creatives to get clear on their niche, clarify their messaging, and have a brand and website they feel proud of.

After working with BigFizz, clients tell us they feel reinvigorated, confident, and ready to take action.

Let’s work together

We’ll help get your branding and website back on track, so you can focus on growing your business.

There are 3 ways we can help you:

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Relaunch Your Brand & Website

We created our brand strategy and website design package to elevate your brand and website and make your brand messaging meaningful, distinctive and impactful.

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Brand & Website Consultancy

When you want focussed help to tackle a specific problem, need extra functionality for your website or want ongoing support for your website and brand marketing.

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Audit Your Brand & Website

If you’re uncertain about what is or isn’t working or what you could do to make improvements, start with a short audit of your website and brand messaging.

What clients say

Feedback from clients is very important to us. It's how we keep growing. And how we help you grow too.

I have been overwhelmed by the levels of service, wisdom and creativity that Lynne and Karen have provided. From dynamic name ideas, to creative and accurate brand personality and finally an incredible website – I have been blown away by the exceptional standard they have provided. I had no idea entering in to this engagement how much value I was getting.
jane atherton founder ceo om phoenix
Jane Atherton
Om Phoenix

It’s easy to get started

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Let's arrange a chat, so that you can decide we're a good fit with your aims and approach.

Step 2. Clarify your project

Once we've understood your needs, we'll confirm your deliverables, timings and payment plan options.

Step 3. Elevate your business

You'll have a springboard for growth with distinctive branding, compelling messaging and a gorgeous website you feel proud of.

Take a look at some of the clients we've worked with

We'd love to work with you too!

Suzy Rose Coaching

“I had not appreciated how much was really involved. I began to see why each stage of the process was crucial and necessary as it would represent me in every way as the finished and polished product.”

You're here to make a difference

We're here to help you do that

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You’ll get the foundation you need to get your message out into the world, with our strategic and collaborative creative process:

You’ll enjoy our step-by-step process that builds your clarity, confidence and conviction.

Together, let's bring your change to the world!

Nail your niche with clear brand messaging, attractive brand identity and an engaging website that expresses your brand personality.

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