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Suzy Rose Coaching

I wanted to rebrand, change my whole profile and expand my business to whole new level. I needed to attract a new clientele and come up with a new business plan and strategy.

I have learned so much about myself and about my offerings. Each stage of working with ‘Big Idea and Hubfizz’, Lynne and Karen has been a a revelation for me. It was challenging for me to go through the whole rebrand process as I had not appreciated how much was really involved. I was given all the support and direction I needed and a clear path to follow every step of the way. I would never have done this myself, the discipline and self exploration was incredible for me. It was nothing short of perfection from start to finish and I was given and option to take a short cut, which was on occasion very tempting, to get things done more quickly. I began to see why each stage of the process was crucial and necessary as it would represent me in every way as the finished and polished product. For that I am extremely grateful.

I fell so very proud and it feels such a massive accomplishment. Everyone has complimented me on my stunning website and all the fantastic features in it. I am continuing my work with ‘Big Idea and Hubfizz’ to the next level to create a marketing strategy and look forward to bringing in more clients and greater sales. Thank you.”

Susy Rose - Owner

Om Phoenix

“As the owner of a corporate consultancy I have been overwhelmed by the levels of service, wisdom and creativity that Lynne and Karen have provided. From dynamic name ideas, to creative and accurate brand personality and finally an incredible website – I have been blown away by the exceptional standard they have provided. I had no idea entering in to this engagement how much value I was getting. I would highly recommend Lynne and Karen to anyone looking to accelerate company credibility and professionalism. Their generosity with time and effort is unlike any other supplier I have worked with.

Thank you so much, I feel so confident and proud meeting with new clients because of the excellent brand and company we have created.”

Jane Atherton - CEO

Care Concern Homecare

Our company logo, branding and website all desperately needed a revamp. When I met Lynne at a network meeting and she subsequently introduced to Karen, I knew I had found the right people to help us.

From our first meeting with Lynne, her knowledge and understanding of colour and branding was evident straight away. She is insightful and patient. She took our feedback on board throughout the process, developing the branding and logo design through various stages until we reached the final artwork. She offered insightful suggestions at every stage but always allowed us to explore and discuss our ideas and ultimately decide how to proceed.

Once we had our new branding in place, Karen incorporated it into our new website. She asked questions about what websites we liked and what kind of vision we had for our new website and this formed the basis of the design. She was able to translate our ideas into a tangible design and layout that is fresh, clear, and user friendly.

Both Karen and Lynne regularly asked for feedback throughout the branding and website process, making sure we were happy before moving onto the next steps. The whole process was methodical and clear. They were also incredibly patient and flexible when the coronavirus pandemic meant we had to pause the work for a number of months.

We are absolutely delighted with our new branding and new website and have had great feedback from prospective clients about the website. I’d recommend Karen and Lynne to anyone who needs a re-brand and new website.”

Laura Drewell - Operations Manager

Changepace Consulting

We wanted to refresh our brand, our positioning and our company logo to reflect a transition in our strategy from a purely coaching company to a business improvement consultancy with people development at it’s core.

You took us through a very rigorous and valuable branding process, you challenged and help clarify our thinking on who we wished to target – you broadened our thinking on the variety of key target customer profiles that we most wanted to attract and work with. You listened to our story, helped tease out our USPs, brought fresh thinking to our brand colour palette, font choice and gave us options for the look and feel of our brand (web, social media and presentation standard). You designed our business cards and help select the right stock images to reflect our key models and frameworks. You built our website and taught us how to update it ourselves. You were always available and responsive to our many questions in the process. You made it a fun and engaging experience, resulting in a new brand presence and marketing materials that we’re absolutely delighted with. Our materials reflect our values, what we stand for as a company and the contemporary fresh approach we seek to bring to our clients.

We have received wholly positive feedback on the look and feel of our web presence and our presentation materials – the feedback is in alignment with what we wanted to create – a fresh, professional and contemporary consulting and coaching business. Our web presence was never intended to attract new companies but to provide our ‘shop front’ for what we provide – it certainly does that! Clients like our company name (it says what we do!) but thanks to your branding we now notice they remember us more easily.”

Jacqui Alexander - Co-owner

Jill Carter Training

I started working with Lynne and Karen three years ago when I set up my business. Counselling training was becoming more professional, so they helped me with a website, marketing plan and social media. I felt intimidated by the amount of work to be done. And a bit overwhelmed.

Lynne and karen were v understanding and helpful. I have gone from being a solopreneur to employing 6 people teaching my courses. And of course with Covid my teaching has moved online.

I feel much more confident with marketing and website design. Lynne and karen have patiently helped me go through carrier bags of teaching material and turned it into slick online material.

There’s no ego conflict working with these two, just passion commitment and organisation. I would highly recommend them particularly to women working in creative and environmental fields.”

Jill Carter - Owner

The Up Company

The Up Company balances deep subject matter expertise in Organisational Development, whilst making it simple and accessible to achieve great outcomes. With Karen and Lynne we found the perfect partners who do the same with brand strategy. Working with us to define our target customers, our differential and proposition – we built a brand we are proud of, that looks and feels like us! We asked for playful yet professional and the website delivers this. In our early days of launching we have received numerous compliments that validate the work and effort Karen and Lynne put in. Thank you.”

Christina Kimberley - Director

Munro Careers

I had an outdated website which I felt didn’t represent my ‘why’, my personal brand and therefore my value to clients. I felt some frustration at not having the time or resources to really create the best website to promote my Career Coaching business. I wanted to make sure clients could find me easily and understand the Coaching services I offered and how I could support them in their career journeys.

It was a really transformational and enjoyable experience. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive, however Lynne really put me at my ease and asked great questions to help identify how best to represent my brand. Then Karen was great at putting it all together and doing the practical work of presenting all our ideas and visions together.

Business is really great. I get a lot more client enquiries and new business through my website. There a lot of Career Coaches out there, so it was really important for my website to really shine a light on my personality and style as well as my Coaching credibility. Clients have often told me my website has really resonated with them and that personal touch and sense of connection has really helped them decide to work with me.

Whilst, the website and our project has come to an end, Karen has always been brilliant and helping me with any updates I need to do and offering me advice as I continue to build on the work we did together.”

Karen Munro - Owner

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