essential branding and website packages
essential branding and website packages

This is what’s included in our Essential REBRANDING package to accelerate your impact and build your powerful brand

  • Brand clarity – we’ll get to the essence of your brand and define what makes your brand personality different
  • Visual identity – brand logo, colours, font family and style guide
  • 10-page website
  • Business cards and email signature
  • Word and PowerPoint templates

And here’s the detail on each stage of the rebranding process

Your clear brand strategy

your clear brand strategy
  • This is when we do the brand thinking together. It’s fascinating and challenging, yet a whole lot of fun!
  • We’ll help you define your brand value proposition.
  • We’ll pinpoint your brand personality – how it looks and talks and why it attracts your ideal customers.
  • You’ll have clarity on what makes your brand different and desirable.
  • And you’ll feel incredibly confident!
brand clarity and what your business stands for


  • You’ll be clear about who your brand is and what it stands for
  • You’ll know your brand values and the benefits you bring your clients
  • You’ll have an attractive new visual identity, brand style, logo, colours and fonts
  • With your new brand personality, tone of voice and vocabulary, you’ll find it easier to communicate consistently, everyday
  • And when your messaging is consistent, your brand gets recognised and remembered

Your powerful brand identity

your powerful brand identity
  • This is where we bring your brand to life.
  • You’ll get a brand colour palette that represents your brand values and personality.
  • And see a sketchbook of logo concepts exploring colour combinations, typography and icons.
  • Then you select the preferred option and we refine it until it’s good to go.
  • You’ll have an attractive new visual identity, brand style, logo, colours and fonts.
  • Because we believe that every size of business can grow a powerful brand.

Your stylish mobile responsive website packed with brand personality

your stylish brand aligned mobile responsive website
  • This is when you get your beautifully branded website.
  • We’ll design, build and set you up with a fully responsive and mobile ready WordPress website that is easy to use and update.
  • A slick and professional website that expresses your brand personality and aligns with your brand and business objectives.
  • All we need from you is your copy and images. (And if you want help with either copywriting or image sourcing, we can add this to your package).
  • We’ll train you to edit content on your website, add images and add new blogs.
  • You’ll get a website you love and are proud to show off!
  • Please check our FAQs to see what is included or not included for example, payment and email integration options.
website that establishes your expertise authority and niche


  • You take ownership of your online presence and content. This means you’re not dependent on changing social media channels
  • You can evolve the website in tune with your business needs
  • Your website is your amazing live brand experience, so clients, partners and suppliers can check out your business
  • It establishes your expertise, brand authority and credentials
  • And helps establish your business niche online

Your brand marketing essentials

brand marketing essentials
  • We’ll provide you with artwork for your business cards.
  • We’ll create your email signature with clickable links. This may include your logo (depending on mail host).
  • We’ll design your stylish Word and PowerPoint templates for a sleek professional approach and
  • You’ll get your very own brand style guide including logo variants, font family (for print and digital), colour references and summary of your brand including your brand purpose & positioning, vision & values, personality, tone of voice and essence.

Fees start from £2,950

If you want to propel even faster growth, simply choose from our extensive range of add-ons.

This is the flexible bit where you can customise what you want to suit your business, brand and customer needs.

Bespoke branding and content

bespoke branding and content
  1. Generate a shortlist of three ideas for your brand name and strapline
  2. Social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and MailChimp header – so your branding is clear and consistent and builds memorability
  3. Three templates for your social media posts e.g. for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn – to build your visual brand identity
  4. One template for 2-sided flyers – so you have professional-looking, branded marketing materials that get you noticed in networking meetings

Fees start from £2,950

Digital tools to generate leads and optimise conversions on your website

Digital tools to generate leads and optimise conversions on your website
  1. Set up your MailChimp email marketing account, sign-up forms, thank you forms and integrate this with the website. Add a pop-up box to encourage prospects to provide their email addresses.
  2. Having set up your MailChimp account, design your 1-2 page lead magnet (based on your copy) – to give prospects more reasons to give you their email address. Set up the automatic download from your website or MailChimp.
  3. Set-up a payment method on your website, using Stripe or PayPal buttons – so you can collect payments via your Stripe or PayPal account.
  4. Create a targeted landing page based on your sales funnel – with a clear call to action e.g. email sign-up or payment button (see above).

Marketing strategies to promote your business

Marketing strategies to promote your business
  1. Strategies for marketing your services and products – so you can package them up, price them and name them.
  2. Map out your sales funnel and identify promotional activities to attract prospects and clients at key stages.
  3. Develop advertising ideas and campaigns for your priority social media channel e.g. Facebook advertising campaign.
  4. Content ideas, topics and themes for your email marketing and / or blog.
  5. Set up your editorial calendar, posting schedule and measurement criteria for your digital marketing – so you can evaluate and improve results.

Fees range from £3,950 to £4,950 depending on the selected Add-ons to the Essential Rebranding Package

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If you have any questions please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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