Big Idea Brand Marketing created the branding for my new business Amazing Futures Ltd which is a virtual marketing manager service for the child and family business sector. I was delighted with the way Lynne responded to my brief. After a Zoom call she really got to grips with my vision for the business and the kind of message I want to portray via my business branding.

What I particularly liked about Lynne was her no-nonsense approach and frankly the lack of defensiveness to feedback. I have worked in marketing for over 15 years and have often found brand consultants and designers to almost seem to take offense – or worse patronise me in their response to my feedback but there was absolutely none of that with Lynne. She took my comments on board totally, whilst explaining her recommendations. What she came up with was 100% right for my business and her sound advice really helped guide me in my approach in the run up to launching my business.

The combination of working with Lynne on the brand and Karen on the website was rock solid. Karen, like Lynne is very clear-thinking and totally positive in her response to feedback whilst still advising on the best ways of doing things.  Karen has a very straightforward and patient manner about her, in particular in the way she explains things. No trying to “blind with science” or to over-complicate things. I am extremely pleased with the finished website and have received lots of compliments on the look of it.

Within one month of launching my business with this gorgeous branding and striking website, I had four enquiries and gained one new retainer client and a one off project from another business.

I am thrilled with the results of working with Big Idea Brand Marketing and HubFizz Web Design and would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients and business acquaintances.